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How the Transportation Industry in the U.S. Works

The U.S. transportation industry—particularly the trucking industry—has become vital to the success of businesses. Without professional drivers, goods would never reach their destination in a timely manner. Understanding the importance of the transportation industry in the U.S. can get complicated at times. We're going to break down a brief description of how the transportation industry in the U.S. works, some of the basic regulations, and how we fit in the industry. 

How the Transportation Industry in the U.S. Works

Obviously, the transportation industry encompasses several subsectors including air, water, and ground transportation. Many people look at the transportation industry as a supply chain and understandably so. Items must get from point A to point B in a timely manner. What many people don't know, however, are the complicated logistics that occur behind the scenes of a transportation company. Moreover, people don't realize that the transportation industry is responsible for a healthy portion of the United States’ GDP. 

Some of the Regulations 

Each subsector in the transportation industry has its own regulations, we're going to focus on trucking. The trucking industry is closely monitored and regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and other organizations. Every driver must be DOT compliant; otherwise, they could face fines and have their licenses suspended. Many of the regulations focus on safety. Drivers must be compliant with Hours of Service to avoid fatigue. They also must pass drug and alcohol tests that may be conducted at random. Of course, the driver must have all the necessary paperwork and licenses and ensure they're up to date at all times. There are many more regulations, but these are some of the big ones. 

How We Fit In 

Match Fleet has a team of trucking professionals that understands how the transportation industry in the U.S. works. Our logistic managers ensure customers are connected to carriers and their semi-trailers are moved on time in a completely hassle-free manner. If you need to relocate a dry van, refrigerated van, lowboy, liftgate van, or a tractor day cab or sleeper, we've got you covered. Contact us by filing out the form below. 

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