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Trailer Relocation: How Match Fleet can help you make extra revenue while moving freight.

What Is Trailer Relocation/Repositioning?

Trailer relocation refers to strategically moving semi-trailers from one location to another to optimize their availability in the transportation network or for leasing or sales purposes. This practice is vital in the logistics industry as it helps to reduce inefficiencies, lower transportation costs, and minimize environmental impact.

At Match Fleet we specialize in helping our Customers with their Long-Haul Trailer relocation needs by connecting with carriers in our Vendor program.

What Kinds of Businesses require the Relocation of Semi-Trailers?

There are four main types of companies who need trailer relocation.

At Match Fleet our Customers are: Semi-Trailer manufacturers, Semi-Trailer Dealers, Semi-Trailer Leasing Companies, Large and small Trucking Companies and Individuals who need their trailers moved.

Semi-Trailer Manufacturers

Semi-Trailer manufacturers, as the name suggests, are companies that produce trailers and often prefer to subcontract driver resources for relocating their products to different facilities or delivering them directly to customers.

Semi-Trailer Dealers

Semi-Trailer Dealers re-sell trailers to other companies, such as trucking companies. These companies may need to relocate newly purchased equipment from a semi-trailer manufacturer or another supplier to their facilities or move existing inventory to different locations.

Semi-Trailer Leasing Companies

Semi-Trailer Leasing Companies rent or lease trailers to a third party and may require a trailer to be either delivered to or picked up from their customers’ facilities.

Large Trucking Companies

A trucking company refers to a business that transports goods, merchandise, or other items for a third party in exchange for compensation. For major asset-based Trucking Companies, it might be more practical to engage a third-party service to relocate equipment once a leasing contract concludes, rather than disrupting their operations by doing the move using their in-house drivers.

How do I become a Match Fleet Customer?

Check out our Customers page and fill out the form. Once we receive your information one of our team members will get in touch with you to provide more information about the move.

How are Carriers and Brokers Involved in Semi-Trailer Relocation?

Carriers and brokers play pivotal roles in the complex logistics of semi-trailer repositioning.


Carriers, typically represented by trucking companies, are the entities responsible for physically moving the empty trailers to their desired locations. They have the necessary equipment, such as trucks and drivers, to handle these repositioning tasks efficiently.

Freight Brokers

On the other hand, Freight Brokers act as intermediaries, coordinating between carriers and shippers. They match available loads with carriers that have the capacity to transport them to the required destinations and can also assist in finding empty trailers.

Together, carriers and brokers collaborate to ensure the smooth and cost-effective relocation of empty semi-trailers, and loads helping optimize logistics networks and reduce waste in the transportation industry.

How do I become a Match Fleet Vendor?

As one of the Carriers and Brokers in our Vendor program you’ll receive our empty trailer List, just fill out the form at our Vendor webpage and sign up.

How Do Carriers and Brokers Make Money with Trailer Relocation?

Carriers and freight brokers can generate revenue through trailer repositioning in several ways.

Carriers receive payment for the actual transportation of empty trailers to their designated locations. This often involves negotiating rates based on the distance, equipment required, and any additional services. Carriers may also benefit from reduced deadhead miles when they use repositioned trailers for their subsequent freight hauls, optimizing their operational efficiency and profitability.

On the other hand, freight brokers earn commissions or fees for facilitating the matchmaking between trailer owners, carriers, and shippers. They negotiate favorable rates and terms, adding value by ensuring that trailer repositioning is cost-effective for all parties involved.

Overall, carriers and brokers find opportunities for financial gain in trailer repositioning while simultaneously contributing to a more efficient and sustainable logistics ecosystem.

At Match Fleet we have two main ways you can make Money with the Semi-Trailer Relocation:

Load Out Move

For this move a Customer will pay for the relocation of a (typically used trailers) and allow the carrier to load the trailer with freight from companies (also known as shippers) in need of goods shipped along the route. These moves do not pay as high compared to the Tow Away moves.

Tow Away Move

For this move a Customer is also requiring the relocation of the semi-trailer but without any additional stops and without any cargo loaded onto it (typically new semi-trailers). These types of moves are often more expensive because the relocation is direct and uninterrupted door-to-door, resulting in a shorter transit time.

How Do I Find Trailer Relocation Opportunities as a Carrier or Freight Broker?

With Match Fleet finding Trailer Repositioning Opportunities is very easy. Just sign up to be a Vendor and you’ll start receiving our Empty Trailer list to your email. You can check which opportunity is right for you.

Haven’t signed up yet? Click Here to Join Today!

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